Mallard | Anas platyrhynchos
Mallard are becoming a common site around many dams and waterbodies in Gauteng and the Cape. Mallard reach a body
Balloon vine | Cardiospermum grandiflorum (Sapindaceae)
Balloon vine is a perennial, slightly woody climber with tendrils 2-5m or higher, often draping itself over trees. The
Kudzu vine discovered in the Schagen Valley
Kudzu vine (Pueraria montana var lobata) is a Category 1a listed plant and was probably introduced into South Africa as
Yellow bells invade Mbombela
Yellow Bells (Tecoma stans) is an evergreen shrub or small tree which originates from Mexico and the southern United
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These six alien invasive plants cause serious negative impacts on the ecosystems of Mpumalanga province. Perhaps the most significant of these impacts is the widespread loss of habitat. This area experiences heavy invasions of unwanted plant species. Some of the worst invasive species to be ...