Mbombela Invasives Facebook Page is launched

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Interested in invasive species in Mpumalanga?

A brand new Facebook page - Mbombela Invasives - is being launched to coincide with the inaugural 2016 Mbombela Invasive Species Forum (23 August, 2016 @ 2pm). 

Quantifying the nature and extent of listed invasive species occurring on all public land under the control of municipalities across South Africa and developing plans for the control of invasive species is a long term project that will require commitment by a large and evolving community of both government and private sector stakeholders across South Africa.

Part of this multi-stakeholder initiative is to develop a community of interested stakeholders who can communicate together on the Mbombela Invasive Species Facebook Page.  

The Mbombela Invasive Species Facebook Page is being set up to:

   * educate the public on local invasives;

   * offer solutions for removing specific plant invasive species;

   * disseminate information about legislation related to invasives;

   * offer a platform for residents to report and submit pictures of infestations;

   * encourage residents to submit GPS coordinates of invasive infestations in the region. 


Interested in joining this worthy environmental initiative... 

For more information, go to Mbombela Invasives on Facebook